Where can I pay someone to write my essays?


I've been putting off writing this 5-page essay and now it’s due in two days and I haven’t even started. There’s no way I can pull off a decent paper in such a short time. Can anyone recommend a reliable essay writing service? I’m willing to pay up to $120-150 for it, just need it done fast.

I’ve seen a bunch of dodgy sites online but can’t tell which ones are legit, or if they can even help on such short notice. Also, any tips on making sure the essay will be plagiarism-free?
Have you found anyone yet? Totally broke college grad here, trying to find some easy essay gigs. I used to do it for my friends in college, but now I don't have to worry about getting kicked out, lol.
I tried out a few different essay writing services over the course of the past two years, and https://speedypaper.com is the best one in my opinion. There's a 4-hour turnaround available, so it's good for urgent essays. If you don't want to pay upfront without knowing if they will be able to write your essay, you can get a quick free quote before submitting the payment.

On the negative side, the website has writer tiers and the "Best Avaialble" writer option seems more suited for simpler papers that don't require much research. If you need a research paper or something lengthy, you'll probably have to pay extra for a higher writer tier.
@Masculinebluff it's expensive af, I'd go with EssayPro instead. @Derek, it's basically a marketplace where you can choose from a variety of essay writers. The base price is $10 per page (~270 words) that includes a free originality report, but the actual price depends on the writer's experience and track record. When I'm in a bind and need someone to write my essay for me, I usually submit my assignment to EssayPro and choose from writers who applied to work on my task.
@Masculinebluff it's expensive af, I'd go with EssayPro instead.
Yeah it's cheaper but the quality varies from writer to writer. I worked with one writer at EssayPro who was okay, he helped me with three or so papers. But the last time I reached out to him he was busy, so I had to hire another writer instead.

The dude I hired was highly rated, but the quality of his writing wasn't nearly as good. He was really hard to communicate with, and it would take ages for him to respond to my messages. On top of that, he didn't really follow my instructions. The paper turned out okay eventually, but it took a lot of time and explanation to get what I wanted. I had to send the paper back for revision twice, and if I had had a shorter deadline, I probably would have blown it because of him.