Forum Rules


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Welcome to our forum! This is a safe space to discuss academic writing services and everything related to college life, including the struggles associated with it. Here are the main rules of our forum. Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with them to avoid getting banned.

Don't spam

  • Avoid posting the same message more than once.
  • Don't reply to your own posts to add more information. Instead, use the 'Edit' button.
  • Only send one private message to forum members or staff to get their attention.
  • Use search before creating a new thread to prevent duplicates.

Don't post offensive content

  • Do not share posts, links, or images that are harmful, harassing, or abusive.
  • Content that is rude, racist, or discriminates against others is not allowed. This also applies to profile pictures.
  • Think carefully before you post.

Be respectful to others

  • Always be polite and respectful in your posts.
  • You can disagree with others, but do it respectfully.
  • Don't insult, belittle, or disrespect other members or the community.

Consequences for breaking the rules

  • If you break a rule, you might be warned or banned.
  • Bans can be temporary or permanent.
  • Forum admins can also edit, delete, move, or close any post or thread as needed, without warning.
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